Youre Santa! Can You Master The Sleigh And Deliver Gifts To All The Good Boys And Girls?

December 26, 2017

This feature requires JavaScript to function. This is you. You’re Santa Claus. I’m definitely Santa Claus, but unfortunately, I need to explode right away. You’ve been lying unconscious on the frigid tundra of the North Pole since last Christmas. In order to make sure you didn’t starve during your year-long slumber, arctic pelicans have been coming up to you and laying eggs into your mouth 24/7 since last Christmas. Every…


The Best Two-Sentence Horror Stories Of All Time

October 19, 2017

If you think you need a full book or movie to tell a scary story, then you’re wrong! Just check out these chilling two-sentence horror stories that are bound to give you goosebumps. A flash of lightning momentarily illuminates your bedroom, and you see that there are dozens of ravens perched around your bed, staring at you. They’re getting germs all over your things! Via Trembling, you pull back…


Youre A 13-Year-Old Girl: Can You Find A Date To The Sadie Hawkins Dance?

October 12, 2017

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Ugh. Homeroom is so freaking boring. Boyzzzz. This class sucks so bad. Watch intently. The Southport Frustrated Dog points to the loudspeaker on the wall and begins to sing the “Announcement Song”: One two three, listen to the voice!It’s time for the announcements and you have no choice!The words will come through the big microphone!You must take note of their content and tone! The…