Ellen DeGeneres Fires Back at Eric Trump for Deep State Tweet: Which One Is Eric?

January 6, 2018

If you know me at all, you know I dont pay attention to politics, Ellen DeGeneres said during her show on Wednesday. But unfortunately, politics pay attention to me. The host was referring to her unexpected appearance in a recent tweet from Eric Trump, who used the fact that Twitter suggested he follow her, along with former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as evidence of the so-called Deep State….


Kylo Ren is sporting a new scar treatment and fans are freaking out

October 15, 2017

I’m sorry, the old Kylo Ren can’t come into the light right now, oh why? Because he’s sporting a new look for the dark side.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer came out on Monday night and the movie begins right where The Force Awakens ended. The trailer features familiar faces like Rey, Leia Organa and even Luke Skywalker himself.  But despite returning (and new) faces, everyone couldn’t stop talking…


Researchers find that Twitter bots can be used for good

October 1, 2017

According to Emilio Ferrara, a USC Information Sciences Institute researcher, not all Twitter bots are born bad. He should know. Ferrara created a “large-scale experiment designed to analyze the spread of information on social networks” and found that “good” tweets spread just as quickly as bad tweets. Further, they confirmed something the we already know: that information goes viral when we see it “multiple times through multiple sources.” In other…