15 Cats That Are Addicted To Watching TV

We love TV. We really do. Laying back and just watching a favorite show or new movie. Hey, it’s relaxing! So it’s actually not such a big surprise that cats might also be a fan… even more than us? Just take a look!

  • 1

    “Oh, what is this?”

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  • 2

    “Shh, mom. It’s the best part!”

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  • 3

    “The real bird housewives of the bird cage”

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  • 4

    “No, you can’t change the channel! It’s the best part”

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  • 5

    “Christmas is near!”

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  • 6

    “What’s happening!?”

  • 7

    “There are so many! how will she find true love?!”

  • 8

    “Best Show EVA!”

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  • 9

    “This is so intense!”

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  • 10

    “Best spot in the house”

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  • 11

    A cat, watching a show, about cats

  • 12

    “Hmm looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day… better stay inside”

  • 13

    “Bro, watcha watching?

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  • 14

    “Sleepover madness!”

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  • 15

    Can we please just watch a little tv?